Got the chance to help miss Caiti with her "Tales" project again OuO.

Check out her videos and narrated stories on Youtube

(Also, who else is excited for RWBY volume 2? Hakuku’s their art director for this volume and i cant wait to see what they got @u@)


idek if I should draw chibis this way, I’m not really into the whole goopy shiny moe moe animu eyes

thumbnail art for the Tapastic site of our webcomic!

Posting new pages soon!


#goodbye636 #hellostage5

I was quite lucky to get the chance to help out the ever so nice, Caiti Ward of Roosterteeth with a project she’s been working on! OuO

Check out her channel here guys!

The Brothers Grimm: Our Lady’s Little Glass read by Caiti Ward


Eeyup! I was fortunate enough to help out the really REALLY friendly Caiti Ward :D!

Velvet as a narrator of fairytales?!

Weiss Schnee Movie Poster thingy magick!

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QuestionWhat's your email address? and do you get emails from your fans? :D Answer

Never have :)). Maybe when I get the privilege of having fans, and getting fanmail one day, i’ll do something like this… 

I hope everyone gets the reference;;;

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QuestionHey what happen to the "very" first batch of requests? I don't see one of them Answer

They are done ._., they had the “request” tag on em and everything.

Have a Blake!

This blake is for a friend’s project OuO